21 Questions with… the Timo Weiland Team

Timo Weiland

Donna Kang, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein of Timo Weiland; Image: Courtesy of Timo Weiland

For October, we’re lucky to have not one guest editor, but three: The team at Timo Weiland. Alan Eckstein, Donna Kang and, of course, Timo Weiland answered our quickfire questions about fall, clothing essentials and what the last thing they googled was. Stay tuned for more from the gang all month long, including must-read style tips.

First up in the hot seat, Alan Eckstein.

  1. When I get dressed in the morning I think… damn it feels good to be a gangster.
  2. The one item of clothing I could never live without is… my Moscot Blonde frames.
  3. My current favorite piece to wear is… Timo Weiland fall green/navy leather hoodie.
  4. Every man’s wardrobe should include… a great pair of black jeans and white T-shirt.
  5. If you looked at my phone you’d see… so many pictures of my dog and girlfriend.
  6. My beauty essentials include… Davines product for my hair.
  7. The last thing I googled was… Harry Nilsson.
  8. If my days had one extra hour I’d do… a second lunch.
  9. My guilty pleasure is… Instagram (selfies).
  10. I’m dying to splurge on… an incredible international vacation.
  11. On a typical Saturday night, I… watch funny/not so funny sitcoms.
  12. I’m most excited for fall because… it’s sweater season! I’m serious — I love wearing sweaters.
  13. When I’m stressed I… listen to music.
  14. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle… I go to spin and yoga at SYNCSTUDIO in Williamsburg.
  15. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… pinky rings! 
  16. My one style regret is… none.
  17. When it comes to picking models for my show… I love sending our casting director inspiration — love the process. The model takes on a new direction for a design.
  18. My fashion and style inspiration is… everyday life, the streets.
  19. My favorite place to shop is… Bird in Brooklyn.
  20. When hiring people, the qualities I look for are… intelligent, kind, resourceful and dynamic team players.
  21. The best advice I ever got was… The struggle is real — it builds character.

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