Timo Weiland’s Donna Kang on the Label’s Best Celebrity Style Moments

Jayma Mays Andrew Garfield

Jayma Mays and Andrew Garfield, both in Timo Weiland; Images: Getty

Our October guest editors, the design team of Timo Weiland, have dressed many celebrities for red carpets, TV appearances and more. And if we were celebs, we’d be clamoring to wear the brand, too! We spoke with Timo’s Donna Kang about the thrill of seeing a famous face wearing her designs as well as who she’d love to dress. The answers just may surprise you.

theFashionSpot: From Jayma Mays to Lucy Fry to, hello, Lorde, Lizzy Caplan, Elijah Wood, Andrew Garfield — what have been your favorite moments of celebs wearing Timo Weiland?

Donna Kang: One of my favorite moments was when Lorde performed on Jimmy Fallon wearing our Amanda Tuxedo Dress. Music is a big, daily inspiration to us, so this was special.  

tFS: What are your first thoughts when you see a major star wearing something you’ve designed?

DK: It feels a bit surreal. I wonder how they felt when they first put it on.

tFS: Do you ever get to work with stars personally, and if so, do you get starstruck like the rest of us?

DK: I have often felt humble and very grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone whose work I esteem and admire. Great respect, yes. Starstruck, not so far. Fashion is such an intimate and human experience to me that I am too aware of the person to be blinded by a persona.  

tFS: What celeb moment left you completely thunderstruck?  

DK: The time when I was around 6 years old, I pulled on Santa’s beard and it came off. Completely floored.

tFS: Who would you love to dress that you haven’t yet?  

DK: Michelle Williams, Erykah Badu and Spike Jonze.

tFS: Do you ever design something with a celeb in mind? A dress inspired by someone?   

DK: Sometimes a band’s general attitude will be referenced. Often the celebrities and champions in our lives, our friends, bring and are direct inspirations.

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