We Love Peter Som’s Backwards French Manicure



With backstage beauty, it’s always about taking tips from the pros and integrating them into your everyday beauty routine. Nail art has had its death rattle, and we all saw that coming, but it doesn’t mean you’re reduced to plain nails from now on. The pros at Zoya worked up this modern-half-moon we’re calling the Backwards French for the models on Peter Som’s catwalk. These custom colors won’t be for sale but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. If you’re looking to get this look at home, we suggest you start with the light color. You could go for gold, pun intended, or choose another light glittery color. Then once it’s completely dry, use a sliver of tape to mark the bottom fifth of the nail and carefully apply your dark color. Just a warning, when we say dry, we mean DRY. There is nothing more frustrating in the mani application process than removing tape to reveal you’ve pulled off your base polish. This is definitely a job for light scotch tape. Once the bottom section is dry, coat the whole nail with a high-gloss top coat and you’re ready to go. 

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