Real Talk: How to Deal with Bangs in the Summer

Karlie Kloss bangs


Bangs are one of the hottest hairstyles—and now that summer’s here, we mean that literally. But don’t let your bangs wilt in the heat—follow our tips for keeping them looking fresh all summer long.

Give Them a Lift

In order to keep your bangs from getting stringy and sweaty, you want to minimize their contact with your forehead. Blow-dry them with a round brush, styling them gently upwards from the roots and away from your face.

Keep Your Forehead Bang-Friendly

Any oil from your forehead is going to get sopped up by your fringe, so unless you have very dry skin, skip the moisturizer above your eyebrows (you won’t need sunscreen there because your bangs work like a natural parasol). If you tend to be on the oilier side (or know that you won’t be able to avoid breaking a sweat), it’s worth carrying a small pack of oil-blotting sheets and a travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo in your bag for a quick hair refresher.

Sweep Them to the Side

If you’re rocking shorter bangs, now might be the time to start letting them grow a little so that you can style them to the side for the summer. Long, side-swept bangs are perfect for the warmer months. You can also go retro-bohemian with a softly center-parted fringe à la Alexa Chung.

Alexa Chung bangs

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Go Under the Knife

Thicker-fringed girls can request a razor cut at the salon to take some of the weight off. Piecey, wispier bangs will look and feel a lot less heavy than blunt ones that are cut straight across. Tell your stylist you want feather-light bangs for summer.

Banish Humidity

All year round, it’s a good idea to avoid weighing down bangs with product to avoid that oil-slick effect, and this is even more important in the summer. But if you have hair with a little more texture or live in a humid climate, applying just a spritz of lightweight hairspray or a dab of anti-humidity cream will help to keep your bangs from curling up in all directions. If you usually air-dry your hair, try blow-drying just your bangs immediately after stepping out of the shower to keep them smooth before they have a chance to spring up. A quick run-through with a flat iron will seal in strays and keep bangs frizz-free—just make sure you angle it just like you would a round brush to avoid ending up with pin-straight bangs that will stick right to your forehead.

When All Else Fails, Take a Bangs Break

For those times when your bangs just can’t take the heat, tie them up with one of the many on-trend headscarves and headbands available this season.

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