Oscar Blandi on How to Get Karlie Kloss’ Sexy Waves

Karlie Kloss at Amfar

image: Lia Toby/WENN.com

Karlie Kloss‘ loose, sexy waves are a classic look for summer, but it’s a hairstyle that can easily appear artificial if not done properly (no one looks good with curler marks). Famed celebrity hairstylist and owner of The Oscar Blandi Salon, Oscar Blandi, tells us that layers are key for this hairstyle to fall correctly. See below for his step-by-step guide to getting the look.

  1. First, towel dry hair (remove 30-40% of the water) and  add a volumizer to lift the roots .
  2. Next, blow dry hair starting from the back – split hair into two sections with clips and blow dry with a medium or large brush depending on your length hair.
  3. After dividing each section, sub-sections should be the size of the brush. When you remove your brush after drying each section, let the curl sit on the shoulder. Each section should then be set with a roller or pinned with a clip after you dry it. 
  4. Center part the hair and blow dry going towards the face – this is only for the section around the hairline. For the section behind the face frame, you can blow dry going away from the face. Make sure the section is not too thick. For the top section, go forward like you would dry bangs; hold your blow dryer to follow the brush movement – this should be one motion, from the roots down, from left to right, then move the dryer with the brush – one motion is crucial to remove the flyaways.
  5. Next, let your hair cool down for five minutes, remove the pins, take a small amount of gloss, like Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil, and put it on your finger tips, flip your hair upside down then gently move up and down with your hands. GENTLY. Do not stretch the curl too much. Flip head back over. 
  6. Caress curls gently with a brush. Again, GENTLY.
  7. Separate the curls with your fingers. Voila!

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