Nunzio Saviano on How to Get Beyonce’s Signature Hair Look

Beyonce and Jay Z partying till 5am at The Arts Club


Few celebrities have hair as coveted as Beyoncé, so we turned to celebrity stylist Nunzio Saviano to get his tips for getting her look.

  1. Start out by applying a light holding gel on damp hair (editor’s note: try Oribe’s Gel Sérum, which moisturizes for flexible hold).
  2. Use a diffuser attachment on your blowdryer and point it toward the crown to keep hair smooth at the root. (The air force of a regular hairdryer can ruin curls — a diffuser reduces this force to dry hair while maintaining curls without frizz.)
  3. Scrunch hair as you dry to achieve body.
  4. Once hair is dry, wrap small sections around a one-inch barrel curling iron for body beach waves.
  5. Use your hands to brush out curls.
  6. Finish by applying an oil spray to keep the hair shiny. (Editor’s note: Kerastase makes a great one, particularly for this time of year, as it also protects hair from sun damage.)

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