No Time to Shower After the Gym? Here’s How to Fake It



There are probably 101 reasons why a girl doesn’t always have time to hop in the shower when she ought to. You know what we’re talking about. Whether you’ve got dinner right after the gym or you’ve been shopping outside on a hot August day and forgot to schedule a rinse before a date, it’s hard to know what to do when you’ve got to fake it. That’s why we put together seven easy steps (and a few helpful products) that will have whomever you’re meeting after your sweat session thinking you’ve just come from a spa day. OK, maybe not a spa day, but they’ll think you look great and smell nice, too — a far cry from the sweaty mess you were 15 minutes before.

Step 1: Pat Dry 

It’s elementary and common sense, but the best place to start fixing yourself up is by rubbing yourself down with a towel or paper towel (if you don’t have a terrycloth one), removing shiny surface sweat. Rice paper works for your face, as does a disposable toilet seat cover, if you happen to be in a public bathroom that dispenses them.

Step 2: Antiperspirant Facial Gel 

Never heard of the stuff? A company called Neat Feat sells a gel to put on your forehead and neck that not only reduces wetness, but also prevents it from seeping out of your pores after your wipe down. It leaves no residue and can be worn under makeup, too.

Step 3: Wipe Down 

If you’re in a pinch and can get to a corner drugstore instead of Sephora, baby wipes are a wonderful way to give your body the bird bath treatment. It’s the closest way to get clean without soap and water. Rub it on your arms, legs and pits. If you’re planning ahead, there are some beauty brands that make cleansing towelettes for your body, such as Acure’s Argan Cleansing Towelettes.

Step 4: Deodorize 

You definitely need deodorant, stinky. You can use your favorite brand of course, but if you find it tends to wear off quickly, give the guys’ version a shot. Women everywhere swear by Old Spice (including me) for its scent and long-lasting power. Find it in a travel size and you are good to go.

Step 5: Dust Yourself 

Dusting your bod with powder leaves a soft, silky texture, while helping to absorb any leftover perspiration or wetness from your efforts. It smells good, too, and is really the finishing touch that says, “I’m squeaky clean, I showered before I got here.” In a pinch, baby powder will do, but if you’re looking for something with a different, less obvious baby scent, try one of the powders from LUSH. This is a must for in-between your thighs on a hot day, too. Who wears short shorts without fabric crotch-bunching? You do.

Step 6: Refresh Your Locks 

If you have yet to try dry shampoo, get thee to a drugstore and pick some up. While baby powder can work when you have time to gently sprinkle it on your brush and throughout your roots, dry ‘poo in a can makes for faster application.

Step 7: Style 

If you think you can get away with leaving your hair down, go for it. We’re not here to judge. Just to be on the safe side, however, you may want to style your hair in a sexy, messy side braid, bun or ponytail. Adding a headband will keep any loose (i.e., greasy) strands off your face.


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