Narciso Rodriguez Goes Clinical for His Fall 2014 Beauty Look



“At this point the models’ cuticles are dead,” said Deborah Lippmann. “Some of these models do three or four shows a day and no one is taking care of their nails — the process is rough and fast, not at all like at a salon.” In keeping with the clean and very simple look Narciso Rodriguez wanted, Lippmann’s team gave each of the models’ cuticles lots of TLC before rounding them short and painting them with P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Things), a coral creamsicle.

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Hair and makeup were similarly clean and simple. Shiseido’s Dick Page conceived the makeup look and nothing but foundation, rouge and an eye shadow trio were used.

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As for the hair, “It’s very clinical and methodical in its precision,” said Paul Hanson. “We did a center part and made the hair glossy by giving it a shiny finish. The girls with mid-length hair got a little bend at their hair’s tips, which is very 70s Halston.” Little surprise CHI was the hair sponsor (is there anyone who has not been obsessed with their hair straighteners since high school?).

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