Gray Hair Is Having a Moment and We’re So Into It


Images: Instagram @daisy_lemonade and @weareundisciplined

There is no better way to be bold when it comes to hair than to do something that everyone is afraid of, like making the leap from pretty pastels or cool-girl platinum blond to a grungy, ashy gray. We’ve seen this beautiful and daring color option on celebrities like Lady Gaga and Dascha Polanco as well as all over Instagram — but is it as effortless to pull off as they make it seem? The answer is, not really. If you have the confidence and a little bit of patience, however, this could be the look for you.

“Everyone used to be about covering their gray hairs and these days, people are asking for the color. Pulling off this trend will just show how confident you are,” explains Rita Hazan colorist Carlina Ortega. The process is similar to going platinum; long, but totally worth it. Ortega explains, “Unless you’re already a natural ashy blonde, the trick is to lighten the hair to that perfect yellow stage, so that it will be light enough to get that gray tone you want without causing any damage.” 

Maintaining the color is another effort in itself, so commitment is key. In order to keep up with weekly deep conditioning, which is a must when coloring hair, Ortega recommends Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Treatment ($42). “The weekly treatment is amazing and works instantly.” Ortega also goes on to explain that upkeep goes beyond at-home care: “Another key factor is going into the salon regularly because gray color can and will wash out quickly. To have your gray looking its best, coming to freshen it up every few weeks with a toner is recommended.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re kind of intrigued by the color and the process behind it. Would you give this color a try?



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