Get January Jones’ Coachella-Ready Braid At Home

January Jones side braid

Who: January Jones

Where: The Season 7 Premiere of Mad Men

Why we like it: There’s almost too much to say about this look. We have blue liner, gold liner, a nude lip and a boho braid, but it’s the latter that has us reaching for our hand mirror in the bathroom trying to recreate this plait. 

How to get it at home: Starting with towel-dried hair, work a product, such as Living Proof’s Full Thickening Mousse ($26), through sections of your hair. With mousse it’s tempting to pump an egg’s worth into your hand and work it through upside down but it’s more prudent to work in sections to ensure you don’t end up with a crunchy crown and flat roots. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can skip this step but we recommend it either way so that you have more control over the shape of the wave. If you need a hand separating, try Drybar’s Hold Me Hair Clips ($16). Then go in with a diffuser, such as DevaCurl’s Dryer & DevaFuser ($160), which has a mildly frightening claw-like attachment that helps to produce shiny and smooth waves without any frizz.

Next, arrange your part and loosely separate your hair into two sections. Be sure not to pull tight as you don’t want a hard part down the back. Use either a traditional french or a more difficult lace braid towards the back of your neck then combine the two braids and finish over one shoulder. Lastly finish off with a halo of Bumble and bumble’s Cityswept Finish ($29) for shine and hold. 

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