Easy, Breezy Beauty at Nanette Lepore Spring 2015

Nanette Lepore Spring 2015 beauty look

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It may have been a bit chaotic backstage at Nanette Lepore when rehearsals seemed to be taking longer than expected, but the beauty look was easy, breezy. Grace Lee led the Maybelline team and said that she was inspired by “the girl walking along the beach wearing beautiful caftans.” She singled out the liner and lashes, both of which were 60s-inspired, as being the keys to the look. Skin was kept natural with just a little bit of foundation, while brows were groomed. Color Tattoo, a shadow, was applied around the top and bottom lash lines to create the silvery eye effect. False lashes were applied on both the top and bottom, and covered with lots and lots of mascara. Baby Lips was used as a highlighter on the models’ cheeks (it’s a lip balm) and lips were finished with a peach poppy shade. Inspired by the look, I tried applying a bit of balm as highlighter on myself as well — while it may look good, it doesn’t actually feel so great on skin!

Nanette Lepore Spring 2015 beauty look

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While my cheeks may have felt a bit stiff and sticky, the hair look is one I can get behind 100 percent. Redken created a casual top knot. It’s easy, chic and something any woman can recreate in a pinch. Hair was pulled up into a ponytail and back-teased with Wind Blown 05. The ponytail was then pinned up into a top knot and tousled a bit, so that it didn’t appear too neat — again, as with the makeup, the idea was a beachy-casual look that could go from day to night. To keep it intact, Fashion Work 12 hairspray was applied to seal everything in. This is a look that you could do yourself in a few minutes and, paired with false lashes, can give a dramatic effect with minimal effort or skill.

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