Dario Cotroneo on How to Get Sarah Hyland’s Sleek Ponytail

2014 Teen Choice Awards Sarah Hyland

Photo: Brian To/WENN.com

When you’re wearing a super-sexy backless outfit like Sarah Hyland at the Teen Choice Awards 2014, a sleek updo is your best bet to show off your outfit and body. It’s effortless and it’s classy — if you do it right. To get this look at home, celebrity hairstylist Dario Cotroneo has given us some tips on how we can nail this easy hair trend.

  1. If you’ve got an event coming up, it pays to think ahead. Wash and blowdry your hair the day before so you’re getting the best base possible because updos work best on hair that hasn’t been freshly-washed.
  2. Spray hair with a volumising product and heat protectant. Then straighten your hair with an iron, working with smaller sections until all hair is straight for a super-sleek finish.
  3. Work a shine serum through the hair, then follow with a dry shampoo or volume powder, spraying into the roots. Using a brush, pull hair back into a high pony, ensuring there are no bumps on the crown.
  4. Run fingers under the hair on the crown of the head for lift. Spray with a strong-hold hairspray to finish.

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