Beauty Report: Throwback Hair at Giorgio Armani Fall 2014

Giorgio Armani mfw


If we had told you that the 90s “jumbo waver” look was going to walk down the runway at Giorgio Armani, you’d have thought we’d finally lost it. But there were mermaid waves aplenty on the final day of Milan Fashion Week. To get this look, stylist Roberta Bellazzi used a triple-barrelled iron to clamp down on sections giving it a wave that looked soft, yet not beachy. Each girl’s look was set with a strong part, which is probably what kept it from looking too retro, as well as a faded and shaded beauty look. If you want to get this look at home, and aren’t sold enough to shell out for the tools, try weaving thick braids in sections around your head while your hair is damp and when it’s dry, just unwind and you’ll be set. If you’re looking for this hyper-polished look, try using a hair oil or finishing spray to get the glossy results. 


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