Beauty Report: Lashes to the Limit at Rochas Fall 2014

Rochas pfw


We love lashes, but they’re one-trick ponies. Curl. Coat. Look finished, right? Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni clearly proved that theory wrong at Rochas, though. Not only did she demonstrate that more is more when it comes to lashes, but also that the fluttery wonders can be the focal point of a whole look. Paired with clean skin, muted lips and groomed brows, you can’t help but focus all of your attention on the lashes. This is, perhaps, a very wearable interpretation of the clumpy look we saw in Milan at Prada, and while there’s no question that lashes are definitely a trend, we think this look might just be achievable. Our top tips for applying lashes are to start with singles or clusters, which are much easier to apply than strips, and if you’re new to the lash game, try lining the eyes with a gel liner to give a clear guide. You might end up with a slightly heavier look than this one, but you’ll be well on your way to mastering these finicky eye-opening accents. 


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