Beauty Report: French Sensibility Shines at Carven Fall 2014

Carven pfw

One of the things we love most about young French designers is that even if their collections are playful and modern, there’s always an air of sophistication and that’s why this minimalist look from Carven stands out. As anyone who follows French street style knows, the Emmanuelle Alts of the world have perfected the so-called effortless style typified by well-groomed brows, polished skin and sculpted contours, and that’s what we saw here in spades. But before you toss this look aside as pedestrian, take a closer look. That reflection you see on the brow isn’t a light trick, oh no, the models were rocking glossy brows — proving everything is not always as it seems. This detail demonstrates everything we love about the French beauty sensibility — it’s predictable, but only to a point; beyond that, anything goes.  

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