Beauty Report: Back to Basics at Max Mara Fall 2014



We’re halfway through fashion month and as the shows go on, our tolerance for crazy goes up. Soon we won’t bat an eye at bright blue cat eyes or glitter faces, though we’re already quite used to it, but sometimes it takes a look such as this to breath some fresh air into Fashion Week. It’s not gimmicky and it’s not complicated; it’s just a gorgeous red lip. ‘Just a red lip’ might be an understatement considering this velvety beauty but it’s the thought that counts. When you have flawless skin, whether natural or faked, all you need is one pop of color to take your look to the next level. For this look, MAC artist, and all around beauty icon, Tom Pechaux used a mixture of lipstick (a shade called Hearts Aflame for those willing to wait until later this year to get the exact shade) and pure pigment to get a velvet, matte finish. This may seem like a pro trick too far gone for real life but there are plenty of red pigments on the market that you can buy now so go home and have a play, you won’t be disappointed. 

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