Beauty Next: Do You Need BB Cream for Your Body?



First there were facial BB Creams, developed in Germany before taking the Asian beauty industry by storm, and Americans got their first taste of this all-in-one product in 2011. Since then, women and makeup artists have sung its praises. Most effective for women who have normal-to-dry skin, these provide major time- and money-saving benefits. 

Including SPF to protect from the sun’s harsh rays, moisturizers, silicone to reflect light, antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, smoothing components and coverage that works like a foundation, we’ve been able to kiss multiple products goodbye and clear out our post-cleanse beauty drawers of so many tubes and creams. Then there were CC creams for our pretty visages. These have an added benefit and are made specifically to correct coloring issues some women suffer from, such as redness or a sallow complexion. 

What’s next for the ultimate in over-the-counter skin-beautifying treatments? BB Body Creams. While the concept remains the same, these multitaskers are made for the skin you live in below your chin. Like an amped-up moisturizer, they’re ideal for showing off in crop tops, tanks and dresses. Not to mention making the dermis look stunning in just your, um, birthday suit. 

But how are they different and are they really worth trying? The reviews are in, and the approval rating is high. One of the most popular BB Body Creams, made by Jergens, has been flying off the shelves of drugstores. She Finds reports that it’s in such high demand, eBay sellers are able to offer it for over twice its retail price of $12.99. It seems what Jergens promises, it’s delivering. 


The cream offers deep moisturizing ingredients and like the BB creams before, it’s also got light-reflecting particles that gives skin an ultra healthy illumination, helping to mask varicose veins and other body-skin imperfections. But that’s not all. Made in two different shades, it also includes subtle color-enhancing ingredients. Think of it like the perfect amount of added color that looks as if you’ve made it back from a spa weekend and a couple days of sun, totally rejuvenated. Finally, there’s the skin-firming ingredients that help our soft spots look a bit more toned. All of it is packaged with a promise to see results in five days. What’s not to love? 

Jergens isn’t the only skin-perfecting body lotion on the block, though. Other brands don’t offer all the same benefits, are more expensive and call their products by different names. There’s PRTTY PEAUSHUN’s Skin Tight Body Lotion, $39 and Miracle Skin’s Transformer Tinted Body Lotion, $34. But we’re willing to place a bet these companies will wish they adopted the BB moniker, once other beauty brands follow in Jergens’ wake. Happy moisturizing!

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