‘Arftful and Interesting’ Beauty Backstage At Sally LaPointe Fall 2014


Avant garde makeup is hard to pull off, even on the runway, but Kabuki really did the trick for the Sally LaPointe Fall 2014 fashion show. The look was “tough elegance” and it echoed some of the textural and geometric elements of the clothes.


“All the thinking is there in the clothes and I can come along and cherry pick it, so in a way [Sally] makes my job really easy,” MAC Key Makeup Artist Kabuki said backstage. “I sort of stole from her elements of metallic vs matte, elements of texture, shape and color. There’s little avant garde touches here and there although the overall effect is going to be femininity but it’s like a toughness to the elegance.”


The clear focal point was the structural eye. Brows were de-emphasized with concealer and lashes were left natural to really make the shadow look pop. A curved geometric shape drawn at a right angle at the outer corner was created with lavender and bronze metallic cream eye colors for two-tone eye contour that was really stunning. Lips were also two-tone, a cool lavender on top and a soft nude on bottom. The lip was kept matte but with an iridescent highlight on the cupid’s bow and the center of the bottom lip.


“The person who is going to wear these clothes [is going to wear this look because she] has that sensibility and she notices nuance and because she knows that you can be artful and interesting without being ostentatious,” Kabuki said.



Nails for the show were done in a subtle neutral with some shimmer.

“The look is very soft, almost transparent, keeping with the sheer quality of a lot of the designs, there’s a lot of sheer panelling. And it goes with that light reflective quality,” said Danielle Candido, lead manicurist for Morgan Taylor. The color was a blend of Scene Queen, Simply Irresistable and Make It Last.


images: IMAXtree

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